Today, I’ll try to tell about a little tiny trick about PHP traits using Laravel as example.

I’ll rename a private method in PHP traits and use it like a public method.

There is an awesome package for Laravel called Eloquent-Sluggable created by Colin Viebrock, which I’ve been using since Laravel 4.

I couldn’t find a similar article for the same purpose with this package, so I decided to write a simple blog post.

Today, in a project, I needed to create the slug before saving. First, I thought of running the method directly in a model, so I tried running


But as expected, it failed, because its property was protected, and I should not fetch non static method statically.

So I tried this as a second attempt: I’ve changed the use SluggableTrait; trait line Model.php like this:

use SluggableTrait { makeSlugUnique as public; }

But it failed as expected.

So I’ve decided to rename the method. This is what I did:

use SluggableTrait { makeSlugUnique as uniqueSlug; }

and When I run this,


It returns me my-slug-that-may-not-be-unique-1 with a suffix and separator that respects my settings that I’ve set in model.