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This will be a simple post. After a huge break of blogging, almost for like 8 years, I decided to start blogging once again.

Although I’m quite active on my Twitter / X and recently on my self-hosted Mastodon account, I had always skipped blogging. It may be lack of interest, or maybe me sharing a lot more on social media nowadays.

However, if you can read this post, you could understand that I moved away from Medium.com, to this static bloc posting platform, Hugo.

These blog’s source code is totally hosted on GitHub, and built automatically using GitHub Actions. What it means is that every time I modify the repository (as in writing a new post, updating it, or changing any config etc.), it automatically is built statically and deployed to GitHub Pages.

My initial plans are to share the configurations and document my self-hosted apps, and share some struggles, regardless of their difficulty to here.

I hope these changes will bring fresh blood to me, and to you as a reader.

PS: Cover photo taken from this article. I don’t know the author, nor read it, but it may help you build in addition to this very source code.