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PHPKonf 2016 geliyor

İstanbul PHP grubu yaklaşık 2 senedir her ay PHP ile ilgili meetup'lar düzenliyor. Bu meetup'larda her ay yerli ve yabancı konuşmacılar gerek PHP, gerek ilgili teknolojiler hakkında çeşitli sunumlar hazırlıyor. Ayrıca bu grup, her sene, PHPKonf adında büyük konferanslar hazırlıyor. Bu sene 3.sü düzenlenen PHPKonf, 21-22 Mayıs 2016 tarihlerinde Bahçeşehir Üniversitesi, Beşiktaş yerleşkesinde gerçekleşecek. Geçen sene yerli ve yabancı, PHP'nin bu günkü halinde şekillenmesinde rol oynayan pek çok konuşmacının katıldığı bu konferansta bu sene de…

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Using Eloquent and Schema Builder Commands Outside Laravel

Hey there,

Today, I will be telling about using Laravel's Eloquent ORM, and Schema builder outside Laravel with artisan's Migration commands. I will be using Laravel's Eloquent ORM, Silex as skeleton (you can also use Pimple as dependency injection container separately), and PHPMig for handling Migrations.


There are couple of reasons I needed this combination:

  • I will be making a micro app as a garage project, and I needed a good ORM and migration tool together.
  • I don't like Lumen, and that's why I don't want to use it.
  • I could also use Phinx as both schema builder and migration handler, but Eloquent ORM already comes with Schema builder classes. I didn't want to use a second layer for

Laravel 5: Fetching unique slugs before saving


Today, I'll try to tell about a little tiny trick about PHP traits using Laravel as example.

I'll rename a private method in PHP traits and use it like a public method.

There is an awesome package for Laravel called Eloquent-Sluggable created by Colin Viebrock, which I've been using since Laravel 4.

I couldn't find a similar article for the same purpose with this package, so I decided to write a simple blog post.

Today, in a project, I needed to create the slug before saving. First, I thought of running the method directly in a model, so I tried running


But as expected, it failed, because its property was protected, and I should not fetch

Telegram Bot PHP API Application

Telegram-bot-php This app is a very simple Telegram PHP API for newly announced Telegram Bots. Features By installing this app, you can have a working Telegram Bot within minutes! This app only has two routes (which one is to register the webhook, another is to listen the webhook) in an index.php file, and a configuration file. This app can handle multiple bots from same route. Different hooks will be different route parameters. I'm already hosting…

WhatTheTag - A sample Laravel 5 application

Hey all,

Here's my latest project that came out using Laravel 5. This is called WhatTheTag.


There are some reasons behind this project.

  • Firstly, I needed this. I didn't like Picasa's web interface, and I wanted to make a simple website that I could search my photos (actually my "internet meme folder") efficiently.
  • I wanted to play with Laravel 5 and to make a sample application that uses various features of Laravel 5.
  • I also wanted to play with some asset management tools such as Gulp.

After deciding to make this app, it took maybe a week or so in my spare times to pull this application together.


  • This application's main feature is to upload, tag, list and